What is a van conversion?

Custom van conversions offer an interesting opportunity to evolve the outside and/or inside of your van. It goes without saying that the most exciting part of a van customisation is the ability to personalise the space. You can create a van that reflects your personality, needs, and style through this creative process.

At Summit Vans we offer a range of amazing van customisation options and kick-ass body kits. We also offer our 12 Month Flexi Lease deals to make a seamless transition getting yourself into a kitted van! But is van customisation for you?


Van Conversions Style Transit Decals 2 - Summit Vans

Van conversions for Ford Transit drivers

If you work in trade, then there is a strong chance that your mode of transport is a standard transit van. If you’re spending so much time in this vehicle to get from A to B, you may consider investing in something a little nicer if it’s your everyday ride.

Or if you work for a luxury brand that requires vans to do their work, choosing a custom van helps bring the quality, style, and finish of the vehicle up to the same standard as the brand you work for. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to drive around in style?

Van Conversions Style Transit Wheel - Summit Vans

Exterior conversions

If that sounds like you, then check out our Ford Transit Exterior Conversion options. Converion body kits include extended and exaggerated front corners with incorporated splitter elements, redesigned fog light surrounds and aerodynamic two-piece split roof wings. You could have a “Ford” OEM raptor grille and 20” custom wheels too. To finish it all off we can provide exclusive decals and of it goes without saying that any vehicle will come fitted and painted appropriately.

Van Conversions Style Transit Grille - Summit Vans

Interior conversions

When it comes to the interior of the transit van, we have conversion options available here too. The Transit Custom van conversion package includes a range of great features. For starters, seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The door tops are hand-trimmed in Alcantara with debossed sterling branding. On top of this they have a revamped dashboard and binnacle with the same styling. The front carpets are fitted with exclusive plates too.

Van Conversions Style Transit Seats - Summit Vans

The DCIV van conversion package offers all of this plus the middle bench seat is upgraded to include hand-trimmed 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather and the middle carpet is fitted with exclusive plates as well.

Van Conversions Style Transit Rear - Summit Vans

If these options sound good to you, why not upgrade your transit van with one of our ford transit van conversion packages? We use multiple suppliers to source and fit different body kits so if you’re interested it’s always best to get in touch to find out exactly what’s on offer.


Van Conversions Style Ranger Front - Summit Vans

Conversion packages for Ford Ranger drivers

With the Ford Ranger Exterior Conversion, we offer a wicked exterior bodykit, complete with wheel arches, integrated bumper corners and a front grille replacement with mesh. The package includes utility badges and decals, 20” wheels fitted with tyres in sets of four, and colour coding. Depending on the kit of choice you’ll likely find Mustang headlights, smoked rear lights and a tinted Ford badge to complement the sporty look.

Van Conversions Style Ranger Wheel And Arches - Summit Vans

When it comes to the Ford Ranger Interior Conversion kit all seats are hand-trimmed in 3D blade design panelled and perforated leather. The centre glovebox is also customised in hand-trimmed perforated leather, as are all doors cards. Front carpets fitted with exclusive plates and the dashboard is fitted with hand-trimmed Alcantara with embossed branding.

Ranger Badges - Summit Vans

The Ford Ranger conversion body kits truly transform this industry leading truck into a different beast altogether. A truck which thrives on a whole new playing field in a league of it’s own.


Getting your van conversions on an awesome Summit Flexi Lease deal

Before we close, here’s just a little bit about our 12 Month Flexi Lease deals. Our vehicles are available on a flexible, 12-month van lease term with only a small, refundable security fee up front to pay. With no long-term commitments, you could enjoy the benefit of having a new custom van every 12 months.

Ranger Dashboard - Summit Vans

So, what’s included in our van and truck leasing flexible package?

  • From 1,250 miles per month, or 15,000 per year
  • Short term, low risk leasing
  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Road fund licence
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Conversion body kits available


Ranger Seat - Summit Vans

So, to sum it up, custom van conversions are definitely one of the most popular ways to reinvigorate your van. And with our wide range of customisation plans AND flexible leasing packages, you’re absolutely spoilt for choice. Take a peak at some of our awesome van conversion plans and bask in the style.