Josh King

Sales Manager

Josh King is a seasoned professional with over a decade of extensive experience in the commercial van industry. His career encompasses a robust understanding of both used and new vehicle sales, where he has demonstrated an expansive knowledge of finance options including Contract Hire, Finance Lease, and Hire Purchase. Josh previously was a B2B Account Manager at MS-RT, where he honed his skills in the corporate world, gaining invaluable insights into high-level business operations and client relationship management.

Josh’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and his comprehensive expertise in vehicle finance make him a trusted advisor in the commercial automotive sector.

About Me

A day in your life at Summit: Supporting the sales team and providing an excellent customer-centric sales process.

What’s your dream ride?: Without question, our Ford Ranger with a Summit Conversion – the chameleon for any business, both playing hard and working hard.

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Golf, golf, and more golf! The Mrs isn’t impressed!

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: We have the best working environment. Every member is supportive, and we all work together to reach the goal of making our customers lifelong partners of the business.

Years in industry: 5

Years in the company: 1

Football team: The Arsenal – “We are top of the league… say we are top of the league!”

Favourite food: Pizza is my downfall! So much choice and variety!

Favourite drink: I am a big fan of beer! So if you want to get a better deal on a van, this is how you can bribe me!

Favourite film: It has to be anything Greek Mythology! Troy/300 are my top 2! THIS IS SPARTA!

Favourite TV: Top Gear/The Grand Tour! Anything with a motor!

Favourite book: “Break Point” by Ollie Ollerton

Favourite music/band: For my sins, I like old Tiesto and House Music!

Favourite holiday: Having an Italian Grandma, it must be Italy! The food is the best, and it complements my pizza addiction!

Specialist subject: I am well-versed in specialist knowledge. Light Commercial Vehicles are my specialty! Ask me anything!

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