Connor Thompson

Apprentice Marketing Assistant

After enrolling at the University of Hull in 2019 pursuing a degree in Business Management, Connor, over the course of 3 years, excelled in marketing modules particularly, achieving a 1st class grade in all of them.

Four years after his initial enrolment, Connor became Marketing Assistant for Summit Vans. In this role, he has assisted on various successful marketing projects. A highlight being his photography for the front page of the official Hull FC x Summit Vans brochure! Connor is undertaking his Level 3 Content Creator qualification with us.

About Me

A day in your life at Summit: Currently listening to Ben complain about his back most of the day but learning and soon to be planning, crafting and publishing the greatest bespoke content the internet has ever seen and helping assist with all things marketing

What’s your dream ride?:Tesla Model X

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Socialising, Football, Gym, Eating healthily and drinking because life is all about balance

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: Friendly, welcoming and hardworking atmosphere with a cool office space too

Years in industry: 8 months

Years in the company: 8 months

Football team: Hull City

Favourite food: Pizza/ Steak

Favourite drink: Anything but Guiness and Tequila

Favourite film: Fight Club

Favourite TV: Inbetweeners or The Office

Favourite book: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Favourite music/band: I like 90s pop music, 00’s rap and RnB, 10’s dance music and all house

Favourite holiday: Ibiza

Specialist subject: Music

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