There’s a whole array of cars, trucks, and vehicles out there. They come in all shapes and sizes for many different purposes. Just like we do! Ready for a little fun – Ever wondered what a rugby team made up of vehicles would look like? Well, we imagine it would look a little like this.

The Player Profiles

Name: Breakdown Truck (Recovery Truck)

9) Recovery Truck - Summit Vans

Position: Fullback

Squad Number: 1

Date of Birth: 1916

Place of Birth: Tennesse, USA

Height (cm): 450

Weight (kg): 7500-18000

Bio: Breakdown trucks are just like a fullback. When it all goes wrong, these guys are the last line of defence. These hard workers are expected to maintain a certain level of discipline and resolve and come to the rescue to sweep up anyone that’s managed to breakthrough.


Name: Supercar (Ferrari)

8) Name Supercar Position Wings - Summit Vans

Position: Wings

Squad Number: 2 & 5

Date of Birth: 1947

Place of Birth: Italy

Height (cm): 120

Weight (kg): 1500

Bio: Wingers are just like Supercars. With them it’s all about the flair, trickery, and the speed. The style and the attitude. The joie de vivre! These flashy supercars provide the joy, the excitement, and that rush of adrenaline. These high-performance supercars are responsible for finishing off the attacks and scoring the tries, generally claiming most of the applause.


Name: Executive Saloon (BMW 5 Series)

7) Name Executive Saloon (bmw 5 Series) Position Centre - Summit Vans

Position: Centre

Squad Number: 3 & 4

Date of Birth: 1972

Place of Birth: Dingolfing, Germany

Height (cm): 140

Weight (kg): 1900

Bio: Centre’s are like an Executive Saloon. They do more miles than anyone else, but they have that extra turn of speed when needed. Another workhorse of the squad, it can be relied upon to put a shift in but has that extra little flair when needed in offence. Endurance and longevity being the key characteristics needed here.


Name: Tesla

6) Name Tesla Position Stand Off - Summit Vans

Position: Stand-off

Squad Number: 6

Date of Birth: 2001

Place of Birth: San Carlos, California, USA

Height (cm): 150

Weight (kg): 1600

Bio: A general all-rounder, stand-offs can execute a range of quick and accurate passes in both directions, able to execute a range of different kicks to gain territory and able to support team members in both attack and defence. Like a Tesla it says it can do everything, but half the things you never see it do.


Name: Moped (Vespa)

5) Name Moped (vespa) Position Scrum Half (halfback) - Summit Vans

Position: Scrum-half (halfback)

Squad Number: 7

Date of Birth: 1946

Place of Birth: Pontedera, Tuscany, Italy

Height (cm): 110

Weight (kg): 120

Bio: These are quick, nippy, and agile like a Deliveroo master, scamping about the park in all directions. The eyes and ears of the team they’re generally buzzing around, in and out. Like a Vespa they possess large amounts of acceleration and speed to link the forwards to the backs.


Name: HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle such as Scania)

1) Name Hgv - Summit Vans

Position: Prop

Squad No: 8 & 10

Date of Birth: founded 1911 but first recognizable truck 1969

Place of Birth: Sweden

Height (cm): 450

Weight (kg): 7500+

Bio: The big juggernauts of the team delivering the ball for the backs to utilize. Big and cumbersome but alsovital to the team and the defence. HGVs provide a solid foundation for any workforce and proves hard to breakthrough. These imposing HGVs are designed with longevity in mind and to intimidate.


Name: Luton Van (box van such as Ford Transit Luton)

2) Name Luton Van (box Van Such As Ford Transit Luton) Position Hooker - Summit Vans

Position: Hooker

Squad Number: 9

Date of Birth: 1933

Place of Birth: Bedford

Height (cm): 250

Weight (kg): 3500

Bio: Similar to a HGV but a little more resourceful, like a moving truck. Capable of moving smaller loads, they’re still powerful and shoulder lots of responsibilities for the team. Strengths are decision making, planning and comes with lots of additional extras such as tail lifts to make the job easier.

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Name: Van (Ford Transit)

3) Name Van (ford Transit) Position Second Row - Summit Vans

Position: Second Row

Squad Number: 11 & 12

Date of Birth: 1965

Place of Birth: Langley, Berkshire

Height (cm): 250

Weight (kg): 2500

Bio: The good old reliable transit van. It does all the hard work no one sees, just like the second row. It can be relied upon to put a decent shift in and do most of the heavy lifting. The real backbone of the squad and a real workhorse. Transit vans are a must have commodity for any businesses that require transporting equipment on a regular basis.

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Name: Pick-up (Ford Ranger)

4) Name Pick Up (ford Ranger) Position Loose Forward - Summit Vans

Position: Loose Forward

Squad Number: 13

Date of Birth: 1982

Place of Birth: Louisville, Kentucky, North America

Height (cm): 180

Weight (kg): 1666

Bio: Doesn’t know if he wants to be a back or forward but steps up when he needs to. Like the Ford Ranger, it can be used for the daily routine, but it really wants to be out there having that off road adventure. Made to be resilient, sturdy, and cover lots of ground.

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Here at Summit Vans, we’re proud to be sponsoring Hull FC. So, whether you’re looking for a workhorse or something flashy, a loose forward or a second row, get in touch and see what we can offer you.