Here at Summit Vans we’re proud to call East Yorkshire our home. You can find us at 16 Redcliff Road, Melton, North Ferriby, North Humberside, HU14 3RS (so now you’ve got the address, there’s no excuse not to visit). But what’s a van leasing business doing in an East Yorkshire village you ask… well let’s just say, there’s never a dull moment! Let us tell you more…

First up, North Ferriby has Viking heritage and there’s not a lot of history that’s cooler than that. The story goes that the Danes first rocked up here in the 9th century AD on their long boats and created villages. In North Ferriby’s case, it was named Ferja Bi (place by the ferry) and the name, despite a few changes in spelling and pronunciation, seems to have stuck. If you’re workplace doesn’t have Viking heritage like ours, then it’s definitely not as cool, just saying.

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Second, we’re located bang smack on the riverside of the mighty Humber estuary and that means we’ve got water sports a plenty, right on the doorstep. There’s Welton Water Sports Club. Humber Bridger Water Ski Club and the Kingston Kayak Club to name just a few. And let’s be honest, if you’re in the area and enjoy your water sports, we’d bet good money you’re struggling to cart all your kit around if you haven’t got a van or ranger to help you out… so that’s one reason to come on down and talk to us at least.

It’s not all about the water sports down here in North Ferriby though. Our showroom is also just on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds Way, a 79-mile-long trail that’s perfect for cycling, walking, rambling, hiking, running (if you’re super fit), and even just dog walking. The highest point on The Wolds is 246 metres above sea level, and that’s known as Garrowby Hill, the largest town in The Wolds is Driffield and the highest village is Fridaythorpe, at an impressive 170 metres above sea level. Now we don’t know about you, but walking 79 miles in one go is a bit of a challenge, but with a Ford Custom Transit, how about just camping over in the van?

Of course, there’s one more thing about working in Hull and that’s the port. Hull is one of the UK’s major seaports, and from here you can head into mainland Europe from Rotterdam or Zeebrugge. Now what’s that got to do with vans you ask? Well, there’s a lot that mainland Europe and the ferry services from Hull have to offer… for one thing, there’s all the duty free, another thing is the fantastic local markets in Europe offering everything from antiques to alcohol and from cheese to chandeliers, and if that’s the kind of shopping you’re into, then the right van is just what you need, to safely transport it all home! Last but by no means least though, is all the outdoor sports and activities across the continent too! For hiking there’s the Tour Du Mont Blanc, if golf’s your thing, then there’s Mont Rei Golf and Country Club and that’s really just the tip of the iceberg but either way, carting all that kit across the continent is a definite reason why you need a van or ranger.

All in all, I guess what we’re really saying, is that Summit Vans is based here in North Ferriby near Hull, because it’s the perfect place to make the most of everything van life has to offer. Don’t believe us? Why not come on down and see for yourselves…

16 Redcliff Road, Melton, North Ferriby, North Humberside, HU14 3RS