Buckle up and hold onto your hard hats because Summit Vans have delivered a spectacular fleet of eight shiny, brand new Ford Transit Custom vans to the awesome folks at RIM Artium! This adventure involved a convoy of Summit’s dedicated team, revving their engines and conquering the mighty M62 to make this delivery a memorable one. These fantastic Ford Transit vans have been secured through a highly accessible 12 Month Flexi Lease deal, ensuring RIM Artium’s scaffolding business stays mobile with as little risk as possible. Let’s dive into this exhilarating journey and discover all the fun along the way!


Chapter 1: The Summit Team Gears Up

Picture this: a team of passionate van enthusiasts at Summit Vans, donning their snazzy gear and clutching their maps, preparing for the exhilarating adventure ahead. All eight vans were first kitted out with the Fleet Packs that Summit provide for all flexi customers. As well as seat covers, each fleet pack includes a tyre depth measurer, auto glass cleaner, a mini fire extinguisher, an escape device/torch/beacon, a first aid box and a hi-vis! After kitting the vans out – with a mission to deliver these magnificent machines, the team knew it was time to hit the road and make this a journey to remember.

Rim 3 - Summit Vans

Chapter 2: Conquering the Mighty M62

Engines roared, tires screeched, and the Summit convoy embarked on their daring expedition across the M62. As they cruised through breathtaking landscapes, passing towering wind turbines and picturesque expanses, they couldn’t help but feel the thrill of the open road. Honking their horns in harmony, they spread joy to fellow motorists who couldn’t help but gaze in awe at the parade of Ford Transit Customs.

Rim 2 - Summit Vans

Chapter 3: Road Trip Shenanigans

Every adventure needs its fair share of mischief! As the Summit team made their way towards RIM Artium, they embraced the spirit of fun on their journey. From spontaneous dance-offs at service stations to impromptu karaoke sessions*, these van enthusiasts proved that work and play can indeed go hand in hand. (*Please note, severe embellishment and creative licence has been used in Chapter 3)

Rim 4 - Summit Vans

Chapter 4: Arrival at RIM Artium – Unveiling the Fleet

Finally, the moment arrived when the Summit convoy rolled into RIM Artium’s headquarters near Ponterfract (having first gotten a little lost on the final approach). The air was thick with anticipation as the doors of each van swung open, revealing their pristine cargo space and state-of-the-art features. The RIM Artium team erupted with joy, knowing that these mighty vans would empower them to tackle their scaffolding projects with renewed vigour and efficiency. After the jubilation eventually died down and the vans had been looked over, the team at RIM Artium fought desperately over who got to be in the handover photograph with Josh at Summit Vans!

Rim 5 - Summit Vans

Chapter 5: Flexi Lease Magic

But what makes this delivery even more exciting? The 12-month flexi lease deals that Summit Vans have arranged for RIM Artium! This flexible lease arrangement ensures that RIM Artium can focus on their scaffolding business without worrying about long-term commitments. It’s a win-win situation, allowing both companies to thrive and conquer their respective industries.


With engines revving, tyres gripping the pavement, and a remarkable delivery under their belts, Summit Vans and RIM Artium have embarked on an exciting journey together. This convoy of brand-new Ford Transit Customs has not only enabled more practicality and efficiency to RIM Artium’s operations but has also injected an extra dose of fun into their work environment. So, the next time you spot an eye-catching Summit Van on the road, remember the epic adventure that brought it to life and the businesses it’s empowering along the way! Finally a big thank you to RIM Artium for choosing Summit Vans! It’s always appreciated! Check out RIM Artium’s website for more information about what they do: https://www.rimleeds.co.uk/