At Summit Vans, we know that when it comes to short-term leasing a van, the list of different leasing options can be confusing and impractical, with many of them tying you down for far longer than you originally intended to lease for. Leasing a van shouldn’t be that way. We know you want to go full throttle and get your vehicle with no hassle, no worries, and absolute convenience. Which is why we’ve highlighted Flexi-Lease as the easiest way to short-term lease your next awesome van.

A commonly asked question is, why lease rather than buy? Well that’s easy enough to answer. There’s a lot of cool benefits to leasing. These include lower monthly payments, the opportunity to get a brand spanking new van or ranger every few years, tax deductions and no hassle when it comes to resale. Plus, the obvious idea behind it is if you’re looking for something short term, why would you spend so much more and buy? Flexi-Lease is just so much simpler.

But what exactly is Flexi-Lease, and why is it beneficial?

The simple idea behind Flexi-Lease is to provide a flexible plan (the clue is the name!) for any length of hire. It saves you from having to choose between the slightly higher short-term costs of daily hire or tying you into the commitment of a long-term lease. This means you can just hire the vehicle for a certain number of months and have the convenience of rolling it as often as you require. Flexi-Lease is particularly handy to have if you have a short-term requirement for a van, but you’d rather avoid committing to a long-term contract for the hire.

So what is our Flexi-Lease model like?

Our Flexi-Lease payments are based on a £0 deposit and a monthly payment, spread over a 12-month period. A security fee is taken for each vehicle and this will be returned on receipt of the vehicle back, subject to no damage and no charges for extra mileage. What’s more, we can move your deposit into your next vehicle when you take another 12-month lease from us. Why? because we’re nice like that (and it makes it even easier for you to switch your vehicle with us)!

So, what are you waiting for? Our brand new, state-of-the-art vans are available through Flexi-Lease now, on a flexible, 12-month lease term with only a small refundable deposit up front to pay. View our range of available vehicles here and get in touch to enquire today.