Our favourite Ford van features of 2024 are those at the Ford-front of technology. The ones that are truly Ford-ward thinking and Ford-midable. The sort that you can’t af-Ford to ignore…

Driving Innovation: The Latest in Ford Van Technology

We get to know our Ford vehicles pretty well. Whether we’re learning the spec to improve our sales pitch or on the road delivering vans to customers, we adapt and evolve alongside them, as they come and go.

What we’ve learnt is that Ford continues to lead the charge in automotive innovation. Some of their latest advancements in the Ford Ranger and Ford Transit Custom have set a new standard. These cutting-edge features are paving the way for tomorrow’s transportation.

So, what are the best Ford van features of 2024? 

1. Enhanced Safety in Ford Vans

Safety first. Always. Ford vans are equipped with state-of-the-art telematics systems and driver assistance technologies so that your overall safety goes beyond the seatbelt. Ultimately, this gives you more confidence and peace of mind no matter the journey you are on. 

Ford Transit Custom Safety Features

The Ford Transit and Transit Custom secured the Euro NCAP Gold award in tests designed to simulate real-world work conditions. 

It’s clear to see that Ford is committed to delivering top-level safety features, which safeguard occupants, cargo, and other road users, thereby ensuring uninterrupted business operations. 

Notably, the Transit Custom’s Load Adaptive Control, which adjusts the Electronic Stability Control based on the vehicle’s weight, ensures stability whether the van is empty or fully laden. Additionally, it also comes equipped with Pre-Collision Assist, further improving its safety credentials. Nicely done Ford, nicely done. 

Ford Ranger Safety Features

With the Ford Ranger being a more adventurous vehicle, it should come equipped with heightened safety features. And it does. 

The Ranger boasts driving modes with dedicated on-screen settings, ensuring optimal performance and control across diverse landscapes. 

Moreover, the Ranger’s 360-degree camera and exterior zone lighting system provide unparalleled visibility for added safety in any environment. Plus, with features like Active Park Assist 2.0, parking becomes a breeze, further elevating convenience and safety. Discover more at Ford UK.

2. Staying Connected on the Go

In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected is key. Luckily, Ford vans boast advanced connectivity features, transforming them into mobile offices on wheels. 

Nowadays, we’ve come to expect vehicles to stay with the times. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a 5G modem, seamless smartphone integration, and a 13-inch touchscreen with voice recognition, are all but standard in modern Ford vans. This way, drivers can effortlessly manage tasks and stay productive while on the move.

Unlock Your Ford Van’s Smart Side

The team at Summit Vans gets excited by Ford’s attention to smart features. Largely because the landscape of business constantly leans towards smarter, interconnected operations, and we can inform our customers of the latest features that will assist their operation.  

Ford Transit Customs are now equipped with FordPass Connect which seamlessly connects to the FordPass Pro app. Businesses are finding this tool invaluable as it provides remote control of your van, continuously learning from your usage patterns, work requirements, and environmental factors with each update. 

Being able to confidently plan for the future knowing that security, productivity, and vehicle health is all considered, strengthens the appeal of any vehicle. 

Effortless Hands-Free Experience

Ford SYNC 3 is an advanced system that gives you ultimate control of your phone, music and navigation system. The voice commands feature is both practical and fun. A  “live traffic” command can help you avoid the jams. Peckish? Pull up a list of local eateries simply by saying “I’m hungry”.

3. Adapting to any Terrain: Off-Road Technology in Ford Rangers

As mentioned earlier, Ford Rangers are built to conquer any terrain. Design and engineering are Ford’s forte. From a forward wheel adjustment for better approach angles to increased cargo capacity, the Ranger is equipped to tackle the toughest off-road challenges with ease.

Furthermore, an increased wheelbase elevates the truck’s approach angle by approximately two inches.  Premium shocks and suspension, (especially with the available FX4® Off-Road Package), ensure a smoother and more stable ride. Finally, an expanded track width provides greater stability. 

4. Conquering the Cities: On-the-Road Technology in Ford Transit Customs

Ford Transit Customs excel in urban environments. An array of smart features are tailored specifically for city driving and delivery tasks. 

Drive & Deliver Smart Features and Delivery Assist automation allows for drivers to navigate busy streets efficiently. On top of that, the Transit Custom’s impressive 10.96-meter turning circle simplifies city driving, streamlining parking and maneuvering. Additionally, the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS) provides extra control during hill starts, enhancing safety and convenience in urban settings.

 Looking Ahead: The Future of Advanced Features in Ford Commercial Vehicles

As Ford continues to push the boundaries of innovation, the future of advanced technology in commercial vehicles looks promising. With ongoing advancements in connectivity, safety, and efficiency, Ford vans are poised to lead the way in shaping the future of transportation.

We hope you enjoyed an insight into the best Ford van features of 2024. We’re Ford Van fans! Stay tuned for what’s next on the horizon or speak with our team for more information.