The Ford Transit – a name that’s synonymous with versatility and reliability in the world of commercial vehicles. This world renowned van has a rich history littered with random facts and fascinating tidbits that often get overlooked or unnoticed. In this article we’re going to list a selection of these wondrous Transit facts and hidden gems, so whether you’re a dedicated Ford enthusiast or simply curious about the hidden treasures of this enduring icon – take a moment to read on and discover something you probably didn’t know about the Transit…

Ford Transit Facts:

  1. The first ever Ford Transit came down the line at the company‘s Langley commercial vehicle plant in Berkshire, England on August 9, 1965. This was an old Hawker Hurricane factory.

65 Transit - Summit Vans

2. The 1965 Transit was the first van big enough to carry an 8ft by 4ft sheet of plywood.

3. Ford took £33million of orders before production had even started on the first Transit.

4. The Transit was close to being named V-Series but bosses spotted a large “Transit” label on the prototype when it arrived in the UK – and the name stuck.

5. Langley built 317,800 Transits before production moved to Southampton in 1972.

6. Southampton, an ex-Spitfire factory, built 2,200,173 Transits before closing in July 2013.

7. To demonstrate the durability of its new diesel engine, two Ford Transits drove flat-out for a week non-stop at the high-speed Monza race circuit in 1972, breaking three world endurance records, including 10,000 miles (16,000 km) at an average speed of 73.684 mph.

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8. A 6-wheeled Transit concept vehicle, the Ford Transit 3001 complete with gullwing doors was commissioned by Ford in 1979 as a vision for vans of the future.

9. In 1985, Ford apprentices from Dunton, U.K., built a floating Transit to take part in the annual raft race at Southend, Essex.

10. Capital Radio once circled the M25 for seven days and nights in a Transit in 1986.

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11. The 2006 Transit ensured that customers were even more spoilt for choice, being the first van ever to offer front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or a sophisticated new intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD) system – ideal for icy winter conditions or tacking off-road tracks.

12. In 2014, the Transit went on sale in North America for the very first time, replacing Ford’s popular E-Series model. Transits for that market are produced in a new assembly plant in Kansas City, U.S.

13. On August 9th 2025 the Ford Transit will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary.

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14. One in four UK van sales is a Transit.

15. A new Ford Transit is sold roughly every 3 minutes.

16. Lined up end-to-end, every Ford Transit would circle the globe.