Matt Casey

Company Accountant

Matt boasts a distinguished career marked by pivotal financial roles across many diverse industries, coupled with expertise in energy assessment and risk management. With finesse, he navigates intricate financial and operational controls, delivering sterling results. Notably, in the hospitality realms, demonstrated mastery in financial forecasting, management accounting, and operational efficiency.

His multifaceted experience extends to roles in construction, software, pharmacy chains & working in one of the top 5 advertising agencies showcasing versatility and adaptability. Throughout, his proactive approach and unwavering dedication to excellence consistently yield exceptional outcomes, solidifying his standing as a trusted leader across all sectors.

About Me

A day in your life at Summit: Numbers, paperwork, emails, filing, and not making Tea for Michelle.

What’s your dream ride?: Mercedes AMG GT 63 S, with a towbar…

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Trained Barista and Mixologist, running a mobile bar/Coffee & Cake Van with the Mrs.

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: Banter…

Years in industry: 0

Years in the company: 0

Football team: Watford

Favourite food: French

Favourite drink: Vodka & Diet Coke

Favourite film: Star Wars (most of them)

Favourite TV: Ted Lasso

Favourite book: Not into books

Favourite music/band: R&B, Trance, Drum and Bass, mostly everything but not Jazz

Favourite holiday: Traveling through France on the Motorbike

Specialist subject: Coffee