Katie Wilkinson

Sales Support

Katie’s journey in the motor industry began at a young age, starting on Fiat’s service reception desk at a local Hull dealership before moving on to customer service roles at Alphabet in Leeds. After taking a career break to raise her twins and live abroad in the Middle East and Spain, Katie has returned to her passion for the motor industry.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, she received an Individual Customer Service Award at the FN50 Fleet awards in 2012. Katie excels in relationship building, always striving to provide the best for her customers.

About Me

LinkedIn: Used to have it, can’t remember log in… should really sort that out…

A day in your life at Summit: Quoting, hoping I can ring the bell, and trying not to ask Grace a gazillion questions…

What’s your dream ride?: A supersize Yacht or a Gangsta 4×4, not fussy.

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: Trying not to shout at my 8-year-old twins, drinking wine, spending time with friends/family, or buying stuff.

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: Being part of the gang, so much fun, like a lil’ famalam, and listening to Chelle’s singing 😊

Years in industry: 10

Years in the company: 4 months

Football team: England

Favourite food: All the food apart from spice. Chicken Korma kind of gal.

Favourite drink: Cold, crisp, dry white wine, or a strong but milky brew.

Favourite film: Heist/Thriller/Disaster

Favourite TV: All TV, Greys Anatomy, quiz shows, any gripping series.

Favourite book: Peter James – Roy Grace Series

Favourite music/band: Chart/pop, and I bloody love a power ballad.

Favourite holiday: Maldives

Specialist subject: Any useless info, I’m quite good with supermarkets or TV.