Annabel Walker

Operations Director

Annabel, our Operations Director, brings over a decade of experience to the table, with a unique blend of strategic leadership and a passion for creating engaging workplaces. At Motorlease for 5 years, she spearheads group development, while championing happy and productive environments.

Prior roles as General Manager and Group Operations Manager showcase her prowess in financial management and process optimisation, highlighting her ability to drive efficiency and success across diverse organisational functions.

About Me

A day in your life at Summit: If I’m not interviewing a new recruit or reviewing budgets, I’m probably fixing something!

What’s your dream ride?: A Jeep Wrangler with a badass kit.

When you’re not in the office, how do you like to spend your time?: I’m either watching football, gaming or doing some sort of drinking with an activity like Flight Club!

Best thing about being part of the Summit team?: The culture and the social side to the office. We genuinely come to work and have fun!

Years in industry: 4

Years in the company: 4

Football team: The mighty United

Favourite food: Japanese food, I could eat it every day.

Favourite drink: A brew when I’m hungover!

Favourite film: Some sort of Psychological Thriller like Shutter Island. Actually, I saw A Star Is Born 6 times at the cinema!

Favourite TV: Grey’s Anatomy

Favourite book: Silent Patient – love a book with a twist!

Favourite music/band: I love all music except 80’s and Drum & Bass. You can’t beat 70’s music, but I also love Post Malone & Stormzy.

Favourite holiday: Somewhere hot in Europe with good food, views and an atmosphere. Probably Greece or Italy.

Specialist subject: I know more than most about football!